April 21, 2010

What in the world.....

I remember those childrens book that came out when my kids were little. If you give a moose a muffin or If you give a pig a pancake, etc.

Well I think I can write a new one and it will be called.... If you give a horse a house!!!

We have been having to irrigate the pasture that our horses are normally on, so we have let them roam around the house to eat some of the new green stuff. Well our three year old is not happy with just having the extra yard to roam! Should I let him in.... or make him wash the windows???


  1. let him in!! i would let him sleep in the bed if possible too. i'm such a sucker for animals.

  2. Wonderful blog! (found you through Etsy...) This was a fabulous post. Horse with personality!