January 25, 2009

I think I have RMS!!

Okay, so your wondering what RMS is: Restless Medium Syndrome. I call myself a polymerclay artist at heart but I've been venturing out to work in other mediums, fine silver being the one at the present moment. I have fallin' in love with it and now when I go to work on something with polymerclay everything I try to make just doesn't seem to come out right.

Do any of you have that problem?

I guess I'll just keep at it and I know that my love for polymerclay will find me again soon:o) For now back to the torch and wire I go. And yes, I have thought of combining the two. Stay tuned!

January 15, 2009

Sticking To It...

This looks soooo yummy and I bet could be easily done in polymerclay. It would have a lot less calories as well.

So I started this blog with the intent to post at the least once a week! Ha....What happened, perhaps life and all it's lovely little excuses. I'll get to it after I do that load of laundry, after dinner, after I get a quiet moment in the evening (ya right, with two teenagers and a third child being hubby). It is so easy for those things to become excuses to not get the things done that I should be doing to promote my business.

I am really going to make a conscience effort to keep this blog updated, but right now I'm going downstairs to reward myself with a piece of chocolate ( those extra 5 pounds gained over the holidays will come off eventually) and a cup of tea.