May 28, 2009

Is The Grass Always Greener.......

Is the grass always greener on the other side of the fence. Well, Bandit seems to think so.

I myself don't always agree. Why is it that we are never truly happy with what we have and wonder if only.... I had a better car, bigger or smaller house, better job, etc.

I have been doing this alot lately and it doesn't seem to get me anywhere but right back on my side of the fence. I think I have decided to be happy with what I have and make the most of it.

Now why am I posting this you ask (other than to just rant), well I would like to hear why you think the grass is greener on your side of the fence and I will randomly draw a name next Friday (June 5th) and that person will receive one of my polymerclay pendants.

So lets hear from you!!!


  1. I think in general it's just as green on both sides,but we tend to go back to what we're used to.Sometimes.

    Found you in the etsy forums

  2. Thank you for the great comment and for letting me know where you found my blog:o)

  3. Um well, I actually spilled some paint tint in my backyard, soooo the grass really is greener over here! **smile**

  4. Oh Sue, how funny. Could you come to my house! I live in Colorado and it's hard to keep my grass green. LOL

  5. I found you on flickr, then clicked on your etsy store, and followed you to your blog! You make beautiful things!

    I, too, live in Colorado. On the east side of the mountains. And the grass is greener on my side of the fence because the neighbors don't water. That's the physical reason why it's greener.

    The emotional reason why it's greener is because those same neighbors are, quite unfortunately, struggling with their marriage. On our side of the fence, we are anticipating our 22nd anniversary in the very near future, and we are still VERY happy to be together! So it's greener, emotionally, on our side of the fence!


  6. Thank you for following my blog and for the wonderful information:o)

  7. Very wise words! We can only live our own lives, in our moments, on our grass. That's not to say our grass is all we can have, but it is until we grow and take leaps. Does that even make sense???LOL! It's Friday and there was a vino....LOL!